Tafe post #7

Reflect on the unit. Which social media type most appealed to you? Were you surprised by the ways libraries use social media to engage and connect with their users?

Although it was not covered on my blog my favourite social media that the libraries use to engage with its readers would be “Goodreads“. Although not many libraries use this site it mostly appeals to me because it is a fantastic way to engage, specifically, the younger generations.

Goodreads” is a social reading site.  For personal use it can be used for :

  • Keeping track of the books you have read
  • Leaving ratings and reviews of the books you HAVE read
  • Keeping a “shelf“** (list) of books you WANT to read
  • Joining “groups” for different thing (e.g. Reading genres, Writing groups, Groups for specific books)


The possibilities are endless!!!

So how libraries use this site, or my library anyway; would be to have it’s main page from which users can navigate to other pages.  At the moment it’s just starting up so we only have one other page which would be the ‘Young Adult Book Club’  page. On this page there are; discussions on different subjects and books, polls to see what our users want to see more of, “monthly reads” where we read the same book as a group, or polls to see what book everyone wants to read, there is also an event section in which you could theoretically post whatever event your library is hosting.

THERE ARE NO LIMITS!  That’s why this is one of my favourite sites for the libraries, because as long as you can imagine it, and you have somebody to listen to your ideas, you can pretty much do everything on this site. It’s such a fantastic way to engage and interact with the users. (especially the younger users as they are the users that don’t tend to join in too much with library activities)


I was pleasantly surprised with how far libraries go to communicating and engaging with their customers. I never expected ANY kind of business to get this involved with social media just to reach out to their clientele. I think YouTube was the most surprising because I just didn’t realize how libraries could use this site.

Ever since this unit I’ve realized just how active libraries try to be within the communities and it is seriously such a good feeling to know that there is someone on the other side of the “screen” reading and appreciating all the effort you put into social media. And if by chance someone stumbles across one of these sites and walks into the library (or even buys a book based on one of our reviews), well it’s great to know that that person will now be able to experience the beautiful, enchanting, tragic, happy, inspiring & scary world that lies within the covers of a paperback… It’s a surreal feeling.



I feel like it’s worth mentioning that that’s why I want to be a librarian so badly (because for me its been my dream since primary).

I don’t think that people quite realize how much librarians do for everyone (Students, readers, parents, children or even just the inquisitive types)


  Reading for me helped me escape the hell that was school. It still helps me with any problems I have in the real world everyday.

Whenever I’m having a hard day I just bury myself in a book. It’s so easy to get captured into a book and forget everything.


I think being able to help/introduce people into the world of literature is so so so so important. It is such an amazing feeling to know that I can help people the same way my librarians have helped me.

One of the best feeling I get is when I recommend a book to someone and they come back just as excited about it and just want to discuss said book. It’s amazing.


Libraries play such an important role in today’s society. Whether it’s just helping a student with information, or just recommending a good book to someone.

WE are such a crucial part in this system.

Social media is such a crucial part of this system.

With so many ways to reach out to our readers… well it’s great! They can interact and keep up to date with everything libraries are doing!





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